Kelsey Bauer

Kelsey brings to Metro not only a breadth of event planning experience, but also the drive and ambition to make every event memorable. Since graduating with a BA from University of the Pacific in 2011, Kelsey has played a pivotal role in countless fundraisers, corporate celebrations, exhibition openings, weddings, large-scale meetings and more. If you can dream it up, chances are Kelsey has done it and can happily do it again, with her signature style and aplomb. Kelsey loves getting involved in all the moving parts of multifaceted events and working through the details to create stellar results.

Favorite Metro Event: The winter ski and snowboard expo at Pier 35. Adrenaline junkies loved the BMX show, foodies ate up the nosh and sips at the food trucks and beer tastings, and everyone enjoyed carving through the fresh selection of ski and boarding gear on hand for purchase.

When not at the piers, you can find Kelsey… exploring her home state of California. She also loves planning yoga wellness retreats and discovering what the rest of the world has to offer. Usually, however, Kelsey can be found closer to home, visiting her family’s fair-trade coffee shop and café in
Chico, California.