Katherine Rimmele

Katherine’s talents and formal education are in hospitality. She earned a BS in Hospitality Management with a concentration in Food & Beverage Management, with minors in Business Administration and Culinary Arts. She put her skills to work in a range of professional settings, including event management in Manhattan and conference services in Philadelphia. Moving west to join a full-service caterer in San Francisco, she helped organize and execute large-scale Bay Area events, handling everything from customizing menus to contracting lighting, florals, design, entertainment and venue selection. Katherine’s knowledge of the San Francisco event scene and expertise in the ins and outs of function planning and management have proved indispensable at Metro Events.

Favorite Metro Event: For Katherine, one event easily skates to the top: the great “chill out” at Pier 27, where a skating rink was installed on the second floor of the building. Guests were amazed (Really? A skating rink?) and excited to glide across the ice with downtown San Francisco and the Bay Bridge as a beautiful backdrop.

When not at the piers… Katherine is on the move. She admits she is not great at standing still, and her time off tends to be packed with activities. You might find her running in Golden Gate Park, grabbing ingredients at the local farmers markets, checking out the local bar and restaurant scene, or cheering on the band at a concert.